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  • Weekend essentials @oraeraofficial ✨

I’m all about tote bags since I had Amelia. It’s just so convenient and easy to have everything in one place, perfect when you don’t have time to pack but still want to look  stylish! 
  • Mixing and matching  @theofficialpandora 💛
For me mixing and matching is crucial.
I’m always on the lookout not only for the best individual piece but I’m also always trying to find the best thing to go with it. 
That’s why I love the charm bracelet from PANDORA ME collection because I can mix and match different charms with different looks. 
And like I always say, it’s all about the details ⭐⚡💛😘 #PandoraMe
  • All I need / want right now ☕️
  • One of my favorite pregnancy looks, love the silhouette that accentuates my body shape! Will share more my favorite pregnancy looks soon 🖤
  • Living on the basics 🧡
With a newborn at home, everything has to be done quickly and these basics are all I need.
  • My little princess Amelia 👶🏻🎀💗
Can’t believe that she has been with us for two weeks already! Every day is a new challenge, everyday is so much feeding, tucking in, and diaper change, but she brings us so much happiness and love! 
Now the only thing missing is a little bit of sleep for mommy and daddy 😴😴😴
  • From now on, there’s always the three of us 👶🏻🎀💗 #andthentherewerethree 
It has been a week since I gave birth to our baby girl and I’m still recovering and adjusting to our new life, mostly with diaper change, feeding, washing and naps... challenging but loving every second of it 🥰
  • One last morning like this before our baby arrives 👶🏻🎀💕 #38weekspregnant